Fluorescent probes

We can incorporate a wide range of fluorophores and fluorescence quenchers into oligonucleotides at the 5′-end, at the 3′-end or internally for use in genetic and genome analysis, forensic analysis and nanotechnology. Common applications of fluorescent oligonucleotides are Molecular Beacons, Taqman® probes, Scorpion primers and HyBeacons®.

Examples of fluorophores that are commonly used in fluorescent probes are FAM, HEX, TET, Cyanine dyes, JOE, ROX, TAMRA, and Texas red, but there are very many more. Please see our list of common modifications for more information.

Fluorescent probe design

We can help with oligonucleotide probe design. Contact us with your requirements, and we'll use our knowledge and experience to help you design probes and primers that will give great results.